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Our History

One World Tech was launched in ~2005 with the mission to develop cutting-edge visualisation and virtualisation technology globally.

To date, One World LED has delivered hundreds of large-format LED screens across multiple continents through our accredited distributor network of award-winning retailers and installers.

Humble Brag

#1 Patent Portfolio

In technology, there are Leaders and Followers. Ask how big their patent portfolio is, and you'll know which you're talking to!

OWLED is proud to assert our technology portfolio as the leading visualisation technology manufacturer within Australia. No one can touch us on this. Many of our clients came to us for solutions which no other LED digital signage provider in Australia was able to fulfil -- including even our largest competitors. For more information, check out our Patents page.

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Unparalleled Performance

Our accredited distributors regularly win bids and tenders based on technical specifications, as well as price.

In our Gallery section, tap "Comparisons" and you'll see a few snaps of OWLED-displays next to LED signage sourced by others. We encourage you to compare our LED signs side-by-side with the competition.

Ask About Our

'Forklift-Proof' Quality

We're renown for durably-built and premium-grade displays -- one of which still operated after being completely punctured by a forklift!

OWLED takes pride in engineering LED billboards which we can confidently stand behind. We'd almost go as far as saying they're even bulletproof..