Adverpost Software


Adverpost is an LED/LCD screen software developed by One World LED, specifically designed to optimise, simplify and enhance the experience and utilisation of digital signage technology. Adverpost can run on any LED or Android enabled device, such as Smart LCD TVs.

Adverpost exceeds the limitations, challenges and expectations associated with all other digital screen software.

Adverpost reduces the hassle associated with content management by centralizing the process through cloud services. Adverpost also offers hardware manipulation functionalities such as scheduled brightness control. Although these features are handy, they aren’t quite the unique selling points of Adverpost, and are rather the tip of the iceberg regarding the software.

The primary, unique function of Adverpost is to connect those who own screens to those who do not. This allows for those looking to advertise or display content to rent screen time from a screen’s owner looking to collect revenue by allowing others to display their content on the screen they own. 

Anyone who owns a screen, from resellers, local businesses, shopping malls and even individuals with smart LCD TVs in their living rooms can all register their screens with Adverpost.

Once a screen is registered with Adverpost, it’s location and details are pinpointed into the software’s map feature ‘AdverMap’, where it can be publicly or privately viewed by other Adverpost users.

From the other side of the spectrum, any publicly registered screen can be selected by another Adverpost user if they feel the type of screen and/or location suits their needs.

Why Adverpost? 

No ongoing fees

Lifetime licensing option among purchase

Localisation & communal advantages

Secure payments

Easy to use

Hardware control

Real time content management

Why Was Adverpost Created?

Adverpost was created in order to simplify and centralize the process of screen maintenance. Whether that be advertisements in the form of media content or text based message announcements. The simplification aspect of media content management means screen owners are now able to easily change the content of each screen’s display through Adverpost in real time.

However, Adverpost was never intended to be used merely as a one dimensional tool for content management. In fact. Adverpost was morso created for parties intending to sell and/or buy Adverspace.

In short, Adverpost was created for three underlying reasons. Firstly as a content selection and management tool in real time, also enabling the user to utilize the software as a means of controlling physical aspects of screens from any location with internet access (physical factors such as the screen’s brightness, customizing when the screen should brighten/dull itself, turning screens on/off, etc.)

Secondly as a means for third party digital signage resellers to receive their ROI in their purchase of hardware technology. This is achieved when the resellers who have already purchased one or more digital signs running on Adverpost utilize the software as a means of selling Adverspace (screen time) to any organization from local business’ to big enterprises.

Thirdly, on the other side of the spectrum, the software was developed for the endless local businesses’ without tens of thousands of dollars to spend on billboards today, being able to purchase Adverspace for an affordable price.

This concept allows small businesses to truly take full control over the manner in which their business is viewed, while generating steady streams of revenue for the small time screen owner, ultimately localizing the process from both ends. 

Adverpost was not designed to change the way consumers utilize their screens, but was rather designed to change the world in which advertising exists in. Adverpost completely abolishes the ‘middle-man’ aspect of such transactions.