Our Patents

The systems and methods invented by patents granted to One World LED show our commitment to development of technology and engagement in joint research with other industry leaders to advance the technology and production of intellectual property. Below is an introduction to some of the patents held by One World LED.

ARV – AUS 2017204785

Components Involved: 3, 8.

Ambient Responsive V-Commerce changes how advertisers schedule content on displays. Currently advertisers have to choose where to display content and hope that it engages with the target audience. ARV uses the combination of ambient sensors on the displays and parameters supplied by the advertisers to determine the optimum content to be displayed. In combination with Adverpost, it allows for content on a screen to adjust dynamically based on ambient factors, including weather, time, temperature, socioeconomic demographics, and even the buying patterns of local consumers.ย 

SMART DISPLAY – AUS 2015263573

Components Involved: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8.

Smart display further enhances LED displays to better detect nearby viewers. Like ARV, it detects nearby people and adjusts its displayed contents and functions based on those around it. People can interact with the display and share their interests, allowing for tailored advertising. This in conjunction with ARV and other AI innovations can transform the LED displays into intelligent sales robots accessing customersโ€™ public social media to engage and interact on a personal level.ย 

ADVERPOST – AUS 2016200472

The Adverpost patent is best seen in our integrated software system Adverpost. Adverpost is a web based content management system that provides easy access to advanced control features of advertising displays. Adverpost is best used as a central management system for a distributed network of advertising screens. Adverpost allows both managers and users to quickly and easily schedule advertising in advance, among many other useful features.

E2V – AUS 2016260749

Components Involved: 3, 8.

E-Commerce to V-Commerce (E2V) is another patent that bridges E-Commerce with Virtual Commerce. E2V describes how one can take already existing content, such as products for sale, and convert that data into a ready for advertising medium. E2V further allows for advertisements to sync with existing product catalogues, and allows for advertising to update in real time with product changes. As the advertising works and products sell, the advertising changes on the fly. Integration with Adverpost and ARV allows transformation of outdoor advertising to virtual storefront operations. Advertisers can take products and services to their desired markets and deliver them to the correct target audience rather than blind advertising.ย 

FMAS – CN 200710171787.8

Components Involved: 2, 6. Flash Module Array Systems is a fundamental design patent used in many systems with distributed modular storage controllers. It teaches how to manage a large collection of flash memory based controllers. In our LEDs, each piece of storage is associated with a section of the LED display, usually in a 1:1 relation of cabinet to flash memory. Combined with this, FMAS provides the LEDs with means to display content and act as an advertising medium without the need for a permanent physical server at the screen. Combined with Softpanel, an LED is able to be remotely managed through the internet or other communication method.ย 

NAPA – CN 201510151935

Node Arranged Power Array (NAPA) drastically reduces the power demand and consumption of large screens. Currently in order to power large screens, the entire screen is powered up and supplied with maximum power before the software/firmware can take control and manage aspects such as brightness. This is a common problem known as inrush current, which NAPA solves with logic circuits that break up the power to each section and delays power input by fractions of a second. The end result is a near instantaneous power on of large scale screens and LEDs with minimum power demand.


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